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  Section I Use of English


  Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark [A], [B], [C] or [D] on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

  In 1924 American’ National Research Council sent to engineers to supervise a series of industrial experiments at a large telephone-parts factory called the Hawthorne Plant near Chicago. It hoped they would learn how stop-floor lignting__1__workers productivity. Instead, the studies ended __2___giving their name to the “Hawthorne effect”, the extremely influential idea that the very___3____to being experimented upon changed subjects’ behavior.

  The idea arose because of the __4____behavior of the women in the Hawthorne plant. According to __5____of the experiments, their hourly output rose when lighting was increased, but also when it was dimmed. It did not __6____what was done in the experiment; ___7_someting was changed ,productivity rose. A(n)___8___that they were being experimented upon seemed to be ____9___to alter workers’ behavior ____10____itself.

  After several decades, the same data were _11__ to econometric the analysis. Hawthorne experiments has another surprise store _12 __the descriptions on record, no systematic _13__ was found that levels of productivity were related to changes in lighting.

  It turns out that peculiar way of conducting the experiments may be have let to__ 14__ interpretation of what happed.__ 15___ , lighting was always changed on a Sunday .When work started again on Monday, output __16___ rose compared with the previous Saturday and__ 17 __to rise for the next couple of days.__ 18__ , a comparison with data for weeks when there was no experimentation showed that output always went up on Monday, workers__ 19__ to be diligent for the first few days of the week in any case , before __20 __a plateau and then slackening off. This suggests that the alleged” Hawthorne effect “ is hard to pin down.

  1. [A] affected [B] achieved [C] extracted [D] restored

  2. [A] at [B]up [C] with [D] off

  3. [A]truth [B]sight [C] act [D] proof

  4. [A] controversial [B] perplexing [C]mischievous [D] ambiguous

  5. [A]requirements [B]explanations [C] accounts [D] assessments

  6. [A] conclude [B] matter [C] indicate [D] work

  7. [A] as far as [B] for fear that [C] in case that [D] so long as

  8. [A] awareness [B] expectation [C] sentiment [D] illusion

  9. [A] suitable [B] excessive [C] enough [D] abundant

  10. [A] about [B] for [C] on [D] by

  11. [A] compared [B]shown [C] subjected [D] conveyed

  12. [A] contrary to [B] consistent with [C] parallel with [D] pealliar to

  13. [A] evidence [B]guidance [C]implication [D]source

  14. [A] disputable [B]enlightening [C]reliable [D]misleading

  15. [A] In contrast [B] For example [C] In consequence [D] As usual

  16. [A] duly [B]accidentally [C] unpredictably [D] suddenly

  17. [A]failed [B]ceased [C]started [D]continued

  20. [A]breaking [B]climbing [C]surpassing [D]hiting











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