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  Section I Use of English


  Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

  Research on animal intelligence always makes us wonder just how smart humans are. _1_ the fruit-fly experiments described in Carl Zimmer in the Science Times. Fruit flies who were taught to be smarter than the average fruit fly __2 to live shorter lives. This suggests that 3 bulbs burn longer, that there is a(n) __4 in not being too bright.

  Intelligence, it __5 , is a high-priced option. It takes more upkeep, burns more fuel and is slow __6 _ the starting line because it depends on learning — a(n)__7 _ process — instead of instinct. Plenty of other species are able to learn, and one of the things they’ve apparently learned is when to __8 .

  Is there an adaptive value to __9 _ intelligence? That’s the question behind this new research. Instead of casting a wistful glance __10 at all the species we’ve left in the dust I.Q.-wise, it implicitly asks what the real __11 of our own intelligence might be. This is __12 the mind of every animal we’ve ever met.

  Research on animal intelligence also makes us wonder what experiments animals would __13_ on humans if they had the chance. Every cat with an owner, __14 , is running a small-scale study in operant conditioning. We believe that __15 animals ran the labs, they would test us to __16 the limits of our patience, our faithfulness, our memory for locations. They would try to decide what intelligence in humans is really __17 , not merely how much of it there is. __18 , they would hope to study a(n) 19 question: Are humans actually aware of the world they live in? __20 the results are inconclusive.

  1. [A] Suppose [B] Consider [C] Observe [D] Imagine

  2. [A] tended [B] feared [C] happened [D] threatened

  3. [A] thinner [B] stabler [C] lighter [D] dimmer

  4. [A] tendency [B] advantage [C] inclination [D] priority

  5. [A] insists on [B] sums up [C] turns out [D] puts forward

  6. [A] off [B] behind [C] over [D] along

  7. [A] incredible [B] spontaneous [C]inevitable [D] gradual

  8. [A] fight [B] doubt [C] stop [D] think

  9. [A] invisible [B] limited [C] indefinite [D] different

  10. [A] upward [B] forward [C] afterward [D] backward

  11. [A] features [B] influences C] results [D] costs

  12. [A] outside [B] on [C] by [D] across

  13. [A] deliver [B] carry [C] perform [D] apply

  14. [A] by chance [B] in contrast [C] as usual [D] for instance

  15. [A] if [B] unless [C] as [D] lest

  16. [A] moderate [B] overcome [C] determine [D] reach

  17. [A] at [B] for [C] after [D] with

  18. [A] Above all [B] After all [C] However [D] Otherwise

  19. [A] fundamental [B] comprehensive [C] equivalent [D] hostile

  20. [A] By accident [B] In time [C] So far [D] Better still











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